About Company

OTCPharm — is a major company on the Russian OTC market in terms of the range of pharmaceuticals in the main therapeutic categories.


We are always glad to make our work even better. And always ready to answer your questions.

The Company was spun off from Pharmstandart at the end of 2013.

OTCPharm currently holds the exclusive rights for more than 250 trademarks. The Company`s portfolio includes well-known brands: Arbidol®, Pentalgin®, Complivit®, Flucostat®, Aphobazolum®, Codelac®, Amixin®, Acipol®, Maxicold®, Rhinostop®, Magnelis® B6, Noopept®, Asvitol®, Ascophenum-P®, Next®, Lactazar®, Selmevit®, Termicon®, Lactonorm®, Cyclovita®, Cinocap®, Univit®, Nitrocor®, Neosmectin®, Klarisens®, Azitrox®, Gastrozol®, Mycoderil®, Escape®, Uronorm®, Aerovit® and Spasmol®.

Along with promoting proprietary brands, OTCPharm is engaged in marketing and promoting drugs whose trademarks are owned by third parties. These products allow the Company to develop expertise in the respective categories.

The company’s mission

Our mission is to promote public health and a higher quality of life in the country.

We employ advanced approaches and innovative solutions to develop medicines which are intended to enhance health and well-being.

We aim to make pharmaceuticals safe and available for all who need them.